Drain Cleaning & Sewer Services in Calumet Park, IL

For over 30 years, homeowners have relied on Reid & Pederson Drainage for drain and sewer services in Calumet Park, IL. Whether you’re struggling with a clogged drain or have a broken sewer line, you can count on Reid & Pederson to provide you with cost-effective solutions to your Calumet Park sewer and drain problems.

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Drain Cleaning Services

At Reid & Pederson Drainage, we are experts in providing professional drain cleaning services in Calumet Park, IL. From complicated commercial drain rodding to unclogging residential bathroom drains, you can count on the Calumet Park drain cleaning contractors at Reid & Pederson for quality results.

Sewer Rodding

To clean extra dirty, clogged or obstructed pipes, we offer sewer rodding in Calumet Park, IL. This cleaning method is especially effective against something like tree roots that have forced their way into your pipes. If you suspect this might be the case at your home in Calumet Park, give us a call and we’ll get things flowing normally again in no time.


We also offer hydro-jetting in Calumet Park, IL for those more complex and stubborn clogs. Using highly-pressurized water to break up blockages and blast debris, hydro-jetting is especially effective for cleaning commercial sewer pipes, like a restaurant, where heavy grease builds up.

Sewer Line Repair

Our Calumet Park sewer contractors have the talent and technology to handle any type of sewer repair problem. 

Our video inspections pinpoint the exact location of sewer problems and find areas of concern before trouble begins. Our high-resolution video cameras travel through sewer lines to get a first hand look at your sewer system. This highly effective diagnostic tool eliminates guesswork and reduces the time it takes us to perform Calumet Park sewer line repairs.

At Reid & Pederson Drainage, we can take care of all your Calumet Park sewer repair needs. Contact us today!

Sewer Lining

Regardless if it is roots or broken pipes, our licensed Calumet Park sewer contractors can help you repair or replace your sewer line. We can replace sewer lines that are showing signs of damage from time, poor quality material and/or root intrusion. We also can reline existing pipes, creating a “pipe within a pipe” using our quality sewer pipe lining products and services.

Calumet Park Drain & Sewer Specialists

Our team has over 30 years of experience in providing residential, commercial and industrial drain and sewer services. We can provide you with cost-effective solutions to any drain or sewer problem you may have, plus we offer 24/7 emergency services and low flat rate pricing. So for all your Calumet Park drain or sewer needs, be sure to contact the experts at Reid & Pederson Drainage!

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