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Drain Cleaning

drain cleaning

Are you tired of living with slow drains? Even if you don’t have a total clog, a slow drain can make it hard to do a lot of things. Think about it…your drains affect everything from how you wash your face to how you clean your clothes, your dishes, and more. If you are sick of dealing with this, call us for drain cleaning in Crete today.

Which Pipes are Clogged?

We’ll start by determining the location of your clog.

  • If one drain is clogged, it’s likely that the clog exists in the pipes right below that drain. These could be under your sink or shower, or behind your toilet. We’ll start by sending a snake down these pipes in the hopes of removing or breaking up your clog. If that doesn’t work, we’ll perform drain rodding to get rid of the clog.
  • If several drains are clogged and they’re all in one area of your home, then chances are good that the clog exists in the pipes that connect that room to the main plumbing of your home. We’ll use high-tech equipment to locate the clog exactly, then figure out the best way to remove it based on its location.
  • If all of your drains are clogged or you have several clogs all over the house, then your clog may be in your sewer. We’ll assess it by sending a camera on a flexible cable down your sewer line, then come up with the best way to get those pipes cleaned out. Don’t worry! Sewer work doesn’t have to be invasive. We should ha able to get the clog out fast, with relatively little hassle for you.

No matter what, we’ll work hard to ensure your drains are running freely before we leave. If your home needs more extensive work, we’ll put our heads together with yours to figure out the best time to get that done. Then we’ll bring in our equipment, work efficiently, and get out of there as soon as we can.

For professional plumbers who know their stuff, you won’t find anyone better than Reid Pederson. We only hire the best, and we keep their training up-to-date so they always know how to use the latest technology and which solutions might work best for you. Call today, make an appointment, and meet your expert in drain cleaning in Crete. Your drains should be back to normal soon!

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