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Drain Cleaning & Sewer Services in Saint John, IN

When your drains or sewers get clogged, it’s easy to feel panicky. After all, you can’t live well in your home when these aren’t working! In fact, wait too long and your home may become a hazard that requires you to move out until you can get things cleaned up! Don’t let that happen to you! Instead, call us at Reid Pederson for all of your drain and sewer needs.

Drain Cleaning

When you have a stubborn clog and you need drain cleaning in Saint John, IN, we’ll get to you fast. Our plumbers travel with professional-grade plumbing snakes on their trucks so we can get your drain cleaned out fast. These snakes are flexible cables that they can use to break up your clog or pull it out of your drain so things can flow normally again. We’ll get your drain cleaning in Saint John, IN over fast so you can get back to your regular schedule.

Sewer Cleaning

If it’s time for a sewer cleaning in Saint John, IN, don’t panic. We’ll get there fast, assess the situation, then let you know how we plan to get rid of your problem. We’ll begin by sending a camera on a cable down your sewer line. This allows us to see the clog, determine what it is made out of, and find its exact location. Knowing these things makes your sewer cleaning in Saint John IL so much easier!

Once we have all of that information, we’ll decide what cleaning method will work best for you. Whenever we can, we use trenchless methods so we don’t have to dig up your front yard. This saves you time, money, and energy and makes the project easier for us, too.

Most of the time, we’ll use hydro-jetting in Saint John, IN to get rid of clogs. This process sends a highly pressurized stream of water through your sewer. It will break up whatever gets in its way, whether that is grease or a tree root. Before long, your hydro-jetting in Saint John, IN will have your sewer as clean as it was the day they installed it!

Call us at Reid Pederson today to find out more about our drain and sewer cleaning services in Saint John. We’ll get everything clean for you so you can get back to your normal routine. We hope to help you soon!

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