Drain Cleaning & Sewer Services in Schererville, IN

The professionals on staff at Reid & Pederson Drainage provide expert cleaning and repairs for your drains and sewers in Schererville, IN. We have over 30 years of experience offering expert assistance to our customers in Schererville, and would love to extend aid to you when you are experiencing an issue. Get in contact with us regarding any drain or sewer service in Schererville, IN you need done at your home or business, and our team can come out to save the day.

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Drain Cleaning Services

The drains at your property receive a lot of wear, and eventually you may find yourself with a clog. When your drains are obstructed, they do not operate well and cause quite an inconvenience until you hire a professional to do drain cleaning in Schererville. Call our experts as soon as you realize you have a drainage problem and we can be out soon to fix it. We can take care of any clogged drains including toilets, sinks, showers, or tubs by having a technician perform drain rodding.

Sewer Rodding

If your Schererville, IN sewer is backing up, you want a solution – and fast! Look no further than Reid & Pederson Drainage. Our expert sewer technicians will get to you quickly and perform fast and effective sewer rodding in Schererville, IN. Eliminate the cause of your frequent backups once and for all. One call will do it all!


For pipes with heavy buildup, such as grease or scale, hydro-jetting is an excellent way to ensure the pipes are free flowing and clean.  Hydro-jetting involves using high-pressure water to blast away buildup and blockages. No matter what the problem is, our Schererville hydro-jetting team is sure to take care of it.

Sewer Line Repair

If you own a home or business in Schererville and need a sewer repair, our staff can help! We have a team of experienced sewer pros and expert equipment for inspecting your system so that we can get a comprehensive view of you sewer issues. You can trust that your sewer line repair in Schererville, IN will fix any problems in your sewer and that we will work hard to get your system back in good working order.

Schererville’s Drain & Sewer Pros

If you need sewer rodding, drain cleaning or sewer line repair in Schererville, IN, turn to Reid & Pederson Drainage. Our expert team will take care of whatever is going on and get your sewer system back to normal so you don’t have to worry. With 30 years in business serving property owners in Schererville, we are the clear choice. Contact us today!

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