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drain rodding services Crete, IL

When you have clogged drains, our experts from Reid & Pederson can help you get them fixed fast. We’ll get to your home quickly because we don’t expect you to live with clogged drains for very long. Once there, we’ll make sure we understand what you’ve been experiencing with your drains, then we’ll get to work on your drain cleaning. Before long, we’ll have things fixed for you so you can get back to your normal schedule.

What is Drain Rodding?

Drain rodding is one method of drain cleaning. If chemical solutions and plumbing snakes don’t work, we’ll usually turn to drain rodding next. This process involves using a series of drain rods to access your clog, then remove it or break it up so it can flow on down the pipe.

We’ll size the drain rods to your pipes so they aren’t too big or too small. Then we’ll screw them together as we insert them until the rod encounters the clog. Once we’ve found it, we’ll either break it into smaller pieces so it can flow into your sewer or use the rods to pull it out.

Is Drain Rodding Right For You?

Drain rodding can clean out almost any drain. However, it isn’t usually the easiest or the fastest method. That’s why we’ll usually try other methods of drain cleaning first. If those don’t pan out or they won’t work on your drain, we’ll turn to drain rodding next.

You can also request that your plumber use drain rodding instead of other drain clearing techniques. If we have concerns about that, we’ll let you know, though the ultimate choice is always yours. If it’s drain rodding you want, we’ll do our best to make sure that it’s drain rodding you get.

Our Drain Rodding Process

When you call us about drain cleaning, we’ll get you an expert right away. We’ll make sure that your drains are clogged and determine the best method to get them cleared out. Once we settle on drain rodding, we’ll size your drain and get started right away. Before long, we’ll have your clog removed. We’ll test your drain and invite you to test it, too, just to make sure you’re completely satisfied with the work we’ve done.

Contact us at Reid & Pederson whenever you have a clogged drain. We’ll be there fast and get right to work. Make your appointment today!

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