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sewer rodding service

If you have a blockage in your pipes, sewer rodding may be the best way to get rid of the problem. This sewer cleaning method can get rid of even the most stubborn clogs, like thick tree roots that have grown into your lines. Since sewer rodding should only be performed by trained professional drain experts, call us at Reid & Pederson if you think you might need to have this done. We’ll evaluate your sewer, let you know, then get to work fast.

How Sewer Rodding Works

Sewer rodding involves threading a series of connected pipes into your sewer line. Each rod is about 3 feet long and we screw them together to make one long rod. Once we reach your clog, we’ll stop adding rods.

At the end of this rod is a head with mechanical teeth or blades. All of our plumbers use 4” blades, which work better when removing difficult materials from your sewer line. Once we find the clog, we’ll start a motor that causes those teeth to spin. They will chop up your clog so it can get flushed down the line and stop causing your sewer to back up.

What to Expect During and After Sewer Rodding

We’ll start the sewer cleaning process by sending a camera on a flexible cable down through your sewer line. This shows us what your clog is made up of, how big it is, and where it’s located in the line.

If we think that sewer rodding is the best clean-out method for you, we’ll access your sewer line through the hatch in your home or in your yard. We’ll determine the right type of rod to use and the diameter of your pipe, then get started on your sewer rodding process.

We’ll work until the teeth on the end of the sewer rod cut through your entire clog. Then we’ll flush the clog from the line and test everything to make sure your sewer is working normally once again. We’ll clean up when we’re done, since sewer rodding can be a messy process.

After we’ve finished, we may send the camera down the line again so we can make sure we got rid of the entire clog. When we are satisfied and you are, too, we’ll get out of your way so you can get on with your life.

Call Reid & Pederson for sewer rodding today!

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