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“We are always pleased with your service.

Easy to schedule, on time and thorough work.”

– Sandy D – Alsip, IL | Rated: 5 / 5

“Reid & Pederson took my call on Wednesday, and scheduled a Thursday service call. Rico and Mason showed up on time. (Actually they got there before I did!) They did their jobs in a professional manner, and explained what was happening as it was happening. I will definitely use R&P again. Thank you. TERRA VENTURE, INC.”

– Michael C – Alsip, IL | Rated: 5 / 5

“This company is very customer oriented. Making a convenient appointment was quick and easy, the technician arrived on time and was very thorough.”

– Sandy D – Alsip, IL | Rated: 5 / 5

“Excellent service. Tech arrived during time window. Office called and immediately emailed my tech’s picture, so I would know who was servicing my house. Tech efficient and polite. Wouldn’t come in my house after servicing because he was dirty and didn’t want to get my floors dirty. I thought that was very considerate!”

– Susan F – Alsip, IL | Rated: 5 / 5

“We have had Daniel service our plumbing needs for the past three years. He does excellent work, and I request him whenever I call Reid & Pederson. He is always pleasant and respectful. He politely and patiently answers any question I may have. Thank you Daniel, and Reid & Pederson. I recommend your plumbing service any time I get the chance.”

– Sally K – Alsip, IL | Rated: 5 / 5

“I’ve used Reid & Pederson for 7 years. I’ve called for same day service and scheduled a day or two out. They have cleared completely clogged drains (bathtub, bathroom sink) and slow drains. They are extremely meticulous and clean as they wear shoe covers in the house, cover work areas with paper and wipe up when they finish. Very quick and efficient. Always arrive at the scheduled time and will call you 10-15 minutes before arriving if you ask. Very fair price. I highly recommend them.”

– Marc & Carla W – Homewood, IL | Rated: 5 / 5

“Amazing at what they do! Great customer service! They gave me an apt right away on a holiday weekend and for a weekday price! Thought it was my main sewer line but Ryan R., who was great, thorough, and so clean, informed me that it was just a clog and i only ended up having to spend half of what i thought i was going to. I will definitely be calling Reid and Pederson for anything else plumbing related!”

– Kalee M – Hammond, IN | Rated: 5 / 5

“Very professional and thorough. Ryan checked out every reason why I had water leakage. He rodded the drain and reconnected lines for the downspouts.”

– Wilma M – Homewood, IL | Rated: 5 / 5

“Reid & Pederson should get the best service of the year award.”

– Kelvin J. – Homewood, IL | Rated: 5 / 5

“I couldn’t be happier with my experience. I called for service on a Friday at 2:00 PM, and a technician was out by 4:00 PM! The office called when the technician was on his way out, so their customer service is excellent. The technician was very knowledgeable, experienced and friendly. He got my kitchen sink drain rodded and running smoothly. I would definitely use this company again.”

– Bob & Virginia P. – Homewood, IL | Rated: 5 / 5

“They were able to accommodate my very unpredictable schedule. They were on time and completed the job quickly and professionally.”

– Robert & Lynda. – Dyer, IN | Rated: 5 / 5

“Reid & Pederson showed up at my house within 10 minutes of the phone call.”

– Kelvin J. – Cedar Lake, IN | Rated: 5 / 5

“Did a very good job. Made sure to cover area with newspaper before cleaning kitchen drain. Cleaned up after he was done.”

– Michael & Robin U. – Homewood, IL | Rated: 5 / 5

“Very professional and courteous. He did an excellent job. From the time of the phone call to the time of completion took about an hour. I called someone else from the yellow pages and they kept saying they would be here and they finally showed up around 7pm saying someone else was coming later to do the job, but no one came. An entire day was wasted. I’ve used Reid and Pederson for years and after my last experience with the no show, I am sticking with the reliable and professional Reid and Pederson.”

– Lenteen L. – Posen, IL | Rated: 5 / 5

“They are a wonderful company to work with. My family has used them for most of my lifetime, and now I continue to use them. I trust their knowledge, skill, ethics and care. Reid & Pederson Drainage are exceptional in every way!”

– Toby & Ava S. – Homewood, IL | Rated: 5 / 5

“I had no problem with this person.”

– William & Vendolyn H. – Homewood, IL | Rated: 5 / 5

“We had a drainage problem in the basement and the fellow from R& came out and fixed very well. We had them before for plumbing work and the work was the same–very good. Those people know what to do and they do it.”

– Maurice & Cheryl R. – Homewood, IL | Rated: 5 / 5

“You’re my number one in drainage. I tell everyone who asks!”

– Phillip H. – Homewood, IL | Rated: 5 / 5

“I hired this company to clean out the drain and they are very professional and affordable.”

– Rosa B. – Richton Park, IL | Rated: 5 / 5

“I have used Reid & Pederson Drainage for at least two years, the first visit was an emergency, they handled my problem quickly and professionally. I would highly recommend this company for its service, professionalism, and follow-up. Their employee was polite, explained the procedure, completed the job proficiently. I am sincerely happy with the results.”

– Gwen W. – Robbins, IL | Rated: 5 / 5

“We have received cost effective, efficient & expert service from Reid & Pederson with their annual Planned Maintenance Service.”

– Lee & Louise H. – Burbank, IL | Rated: 5 / 5

“I’ve been a customer for Reid and Peterson for many years now. I have and will continue to recommend them to anyone in need of sewer/drainage services. Every time I call them for service whether it’s emergency or just for occasional maintenance they are fast in their response. Once in my home, they get right to work to diagnose and make repairs as needed. Prices are reasonable but more importantly my home has never been out of commission any longer than necessary because of the excellent customer service their staff provided. Great company with years of service in the community.”

– Bryan H. – Blue Island, IL | Rated: 5 / 5

“Dan and Betty were outstanding to work with….thank you very much.”

– Ward B – Alsip, IL | Rated: 5 / 5


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