Urgent Sewer Repair in South Holland, IL

A routine sewer rodding in South Holland, Illinois uncovered the need for an urgent sewer repair performed by the team at Reid & Pederson Drainage. While rodding the sewer from an inside cleanout, our technician could not go further than four feet. When he tried to rod from the outside cleanout, he couldn’t get past three feet and his cables brought back mud. When our technicians see mud on their cables, that likely indicates a broken sewer pipe.

Suspecting a broken line, he sent a camera down it to get a clear picture of the problem. His camera showed a heavily deteriorated clay tile sewer pipe that was almost completely dropped. 

Reid & Pederson dug down five feet on the left front corner of the house, replacing 4 feet of 4 inch clay pipe with PVC. We also installed a 4 inch outside cleanout on the property to allow for quick and efficient future sewer roddings. 

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