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Reid & Pederson Repairs Broken Cleanout for Tenant in Manhattan

It really does make sense to call Reid & Pederson when you’re experiencing sewer problems. A tenant in Manhattan learned that firsthand when she hired another company to perform sewer rodding at her home.  While the other company was rodding, they pulled the riser out of the tee. Realizing their Read More ›

Reid & Pederson Solves Mystery of Pooling Water in Beecher Customer’s Home

A customer in Beecher called us stating that they woke up every morning to pools of water on their basement floor. Unable to determine where the water could be coming from, he gave us a call to come out and take a look. After investigating the problem, our technician discovered Read More ›

Window Well Repair Eliminates Drainage Problem for Crete Customer

A customer in Crete called us with a concern regarding a window well on his property. Reid & Pederson sent a technician to his home to have a look. The first thing our technician noticed is that the landscape was slightly sloped toward the window well, not away from it. Read More ›

Reid & Pederson Saves Christmas Eve for Homewood Customer

We received a call on Christmas Eve morning from a frantic customer in Homewood whose toilet was completely clogged. She was panicked because she was having friends and family over for the Christmas holiday that evening and the toilet in question was on the main level and therefore, the main Read More ›

Overhead Sewer Installation in Chicago Heights

A property management company contacted us for a sewer repair for one of their buildings in Chicago Heights. The tenant had reported repeated sewer problems at the residence so our team went to the property to identify the problems occurring. Our team of technicians determined that the sewer needed to Read More ›
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