Solving a Unique Drainage Situation in Palos Park

A new customer in Palos Park called us with a unique drainage problem at his home. He believed there was a clog somewhere in his partially-underground drain tile. Frequent heavy rains were causing his sump pump to run continuously, however, water was still finding a way back to his house. Read More ›

The Joys of Parenthood

On this particular job, we sent our technician to his own home. We received a call from his wife stating that one of the toilets in their home was clogged and not flushing. They have two little ones at home and she suspected that one of them may have been Read More ›

Sewer Rodding in the Nick of Time

Our office received a call late in the afternoon from a homeowner in Crete whose toilets in the homewere not flushing at all. He had recently sold the home and the closing on the house was scheduled forthe next morning. We quickly dispatched a sewer rodding technician to his home Read More ›

A Towel Takes Down A Toilet

We received a call from a hotel in Tinley Park stating that toilets in two of the rooms were backing up. When our technician arrived, he assessed the situation and discovered that the two toilets shared the same line. He pulled the toilet in one room and discovered that the Read More ›

Another Lesson on What NOT to Flush!

We received a call from a homeowner in Hazel Crest stating that her sewer was backing up. She had been experiencing frequent problems with her sewer in the form of gurgling toilets and slow drains. We quickly dispatched a sewer rodding technician to her home and he got to work. Read More ›
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