Sparkling Clean Pipes for Serbian Social Center

A banquet hall in Lansing called us because they were experiencing a sluggish sewer. Our team advised them to have their lines rodded and televised. Once televised, our team recommended hydro-jetting to clear away buildup in several of the kitchen lines. Our team rodded from the floor cleanout in the Read More ›

A Necessary Repair in Flossmoor

A customer called us needing their Flossmoor sewer rodded. Since they did not have an accessible cleanout on their property, our technician rodded from a pulled toilet. While rodding, our technician discovered that the overhead was shifted and that a repair was necessary. On the day of the repair, our Read More ›

A Dangerous Situation Averted

We received a call from a customer in Flossmoor asking to have his sewer rodded. When our technician arrived and began rodding from the cleanout the line became increasingly rough to rod as he moved through it. When he pulled the cables back, he noticed there was mud on them, Read More ›

A Perplexing Drainage Issue in Homewood is Solved

A customer in Homewood recently called stating that when her sump pump turned on, water pooled outside of her home by the discharge line.  When our technician began to rod, he could not get past 15 feet with his cutter. After listening for a cable in the ground, he dug Read More ›

A Lesson on What NOT to Flush!

We received an emergency call from a homeowner in University Park who had two toilets that were not flushing in their home. Both toilets were backed up and in turn, the customer was unable to use them.  Our technician quickly arrived and augered both toilets several times each. He eventually Read More ›
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