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Blog – Sewer & Drain Articles & Tips

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How Sewer Rodding Works

When your sewer backs up, you need a quick and effective fix. Not only is a sewer backup unsanitary but it’s also pretty messy and can cause some pretty massive destruction, too. One of the best ways to prevent sewer backups in your home is by having your sewer rodded every year. Annual sewer rodding […]

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A Brief History of Sewer Systems

The EPA estimates that a single person turns 50-70 gallons of water into sewage every day. The early history of sewers and sewage treatment is quite fascinating and really makes us thankful for the systems we have in place today! The First Drainage Systems By 3200 BC, inhabitants of the Orkney Islands in Scotland devised […]

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What Is A P-Trap & How Does It Work?

What Is A P-Trap & How Does It Work? Plumbing Traps As the name implies, p-traps, or plumbing traps, are shaped like the letter “p”, combining two 90-degree joints with a horizontal overflow pipe. One of these joints exits the drain of the sink and is joined to another containing a seal system that allows […]

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The Dangers of Cross Bores

If you’re making updates to your home or landscape or planning a repair on your property, it is very important to have the underground utilities on your property located and flagged before doing so. In Illinois, calling 811 or “JULIE”, or in Indiana, calling Indiana811, before you dig is the proper way to begin any […]

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5 Things to Never Put Down Your Drains

5 Things to Never Put Down Your Drains With the current global COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have found ourselves at home a lot more than usual, trying to find that perfect balance between work and family duties. But what you probably haven’t thought about is the pressure the extra time at home has put […]

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Should You Flush Flushable Wipes?

The market for disposable wipes in the U.S. is an over $2 billion market, and is poised to reach beyond $3 billion by 2023. With the current global pandemic of coronavirus making its way to the U.S., Americans have been buying toilet paper faster than it can be produced. Because of the shortage of toilet […]

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