Benefits of Sewer Lining in Crete, IL

If you’re dealing with sewer problems, there’s a better way than digging up your yard to get to your sewer line. Instead, you can choose a simpler, innovative solution. Reid & Pederson Drainage offers sewer lining in Crete, IL and beyond, as a long-term solution. After a video inspection, we’ll recommend whether or not you need a sewer lining repair to deal with aging pipes, root problems, and other damage. Here’s what to expect from the process and how we can help restore your sewer without the mess!

What Is Sewer Lining?

Sewer lining repairs your cracked, broken, or problematic pipes from the inside out. Instead of digging up your yard, the process seals your pipe’s inner walls from the inside. Depending on your sewer and the problem you’re having, our process typically involves inserting a liner through the sewer line from your home to the sewer trap.

Sewer Lining Benefits

1) Eliminate Frequent Backups

A damaged sewer line can cause your sewer to backup into your home. There’s nothing worse than finding wastewater in your showers, sinks, and other areas of your house. Fixing your broken sewer line quickly eliminates the headaches, expense, and stress that come with dealing with frequent backups.

2) Minimize the Disruptions

Traditional sewer repair methods are typically messy, complicated, and leave behind a big mess. They can also wreak havoc for days or weeks while trying to get your yard back in order. Our trenchless technology and sewer lining in Crete, IL minimize the disruption to your yard and your day.

3) Save Money

If you’re tired of spending money on expensive sewer repairs, we can help. Depending on the issue, our sewer lining service is often more affordable than replacing the entire sewer line. It requires less labor, time, and post-repair restoration work.

4) Prevent Issues at the Connection Site

It’s not unusual to see sewer line issues at their connection points. Sewer lining uses a straight, one-piece pipe that prevents these issues and simplifies the repair process.

5) Get Long-Lasting Results

Sewer linings are durable and have a similar lifespan to new pipes. They can last for decades and protect your property from future sewer issues. In the event you need another repair, you’ll find the process straightforward and simple with the help of our video inspection service..

6) Enjoy a Fast Turn-Around

The traditional method of excavating and digging up your sewer line is laborious and takes time. A sewer line repair is faster than the alternative and gets you back to your normal routine.

7) Stay Eco-Friendly

Trenchless sewer repair creates almost no waste at all. Instead of removing and disposing of old pipes that could be harmful to the environment, our services repipe your sewer line without the need to excavate. It works to seal your pipe’s inner walls and replace them with something more durable.

8) Preserve Your Landscaping

If you take pride in your yard, the last thing you want to do is watch someone dig it up to get to your sewer line, remove old pipes, and make messy repairs. Our sewer lining in Crete, IL, is simple, fast, and doesn’t destroy your yard in the process. You can get back to landscaping and yard work right away.

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