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Sump Pumps & Ejector Pumps

Do you worry about getting a flooded basement in Chicago or Northwest Indiana? At Reid Pederson, we can help you find the perfect solution for this problem. Whether your basement has already flooded or you’re worried about future flooding, call us today! We’ll get you a sump pump or an ejector pump that will help relieve your anxiety and make sure your basement never floods again.

Sump Pumps

sump pumpSump pumps help protect you from a flooded basement by pumping away clear water that seeps in due to a high water table in the ground your home is built upon. Some homes use their sump pumps year round, while others only need them when there is a storm or a lot of melting snow that raises the water tablet temporarily.

Many homes in Chicago already have sump pumps. However, some homes may not have them or you may need to get yours replaced. You can test your sump pump by filling the collection bucket to the line indicated on it. At that point, the pump should turn on and quickly pump away the extra water. If it doesn’t, it needs service or replacement.

We carry all sorts of sump pumps, so we are sure to have one that will meet your needs. We’ll talk you through your options, then help you get the sump pump that will protect you from a flooded basement for years to come.

Ejector Pumps

Ejector pumps help pump the solid waste out of rooms that are located below ground level. If you have a basement bathroom, chances are good that you already have an ejector pump in your home. In certain situations, entire homes may operate on ejector pumps.

ejector pumpThese pumps collect waste from the bathroom until it reaches a certain level in the collection container. At that point, it pumps the water from that storage container into your main sewer line. You should also have a backflow valve to prevent water from flowing back into your home from the sewer.

Our experienced plumbers can determine exactly what you need when it comes to an ejector pump. We have a wide variety of pumps available in Chicago, so we’ll get you what you need no matter what that is. Once you’ve chosen your pump, we’ll order it and install it according to the manufacturer’s instructions so you can be sure it will work for you for years to come.

We also offer battery backup systems for both sump pumps and ejector pumps. These keep your pump working even if the power goes out at your home. Since your pumps may be especially active during storms, these packs can save your home from a plumbing disaster!

Avoid a flooded basement and all of the headaches that come with it when you call Reid Pederson about sump pumps or ejector pumps today. We’ll get to you fast and find you the pump that addresses all of your concerns. Pretty soon, you won’t have to worry about flooding anymore!

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