Sewer Lining Service Crete, IL

If you experience repeated sewer backups or ongoing difficulties with your sewer line, our sewer lining service offers a perfect long-term solution. Our lining process is perfect for sewer lines showing signs of damage due to age, poor quality material and root intrusion. By relining your existing sewer pipes, our drain and sewer technicians create brand new, structurally sound pipes within your old, deteriorated ones that are guaranteed to last.

Before any sewer lining, we perform a sewer video inspection of your sewer to pinpoint the exact locations of problems in your line. Should you decide to have your sewer lined, our technicians arrive on the day of your lining and line your sewer using our innovative, proprietary liner material, completely coating your pipes and restoring them back to new condition.

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Why Sewer Lining is a Good Idea

  • It eliminates frequent sewer backups and restores your broken sewer line, saving you the headache and expense that comes with recurring backups.
  • It prevents water damage in your yard and/or basement because it creates brand new pipes over your old, deteriorated ones.
  • It means no digging up your yard or paying for expensive restoration work after the digging is completed.
  • It forms a straight, one-piece pipe that prevents problems typically found at connection locations.
  • It is long-lasting and gives you assurance that your sewer is always in optimal condition.

Our Sewer Lining Services

When you choose Reid & Pederson for your sewer lining, you’ll receive:

  • Honest, up-front pricing with no hidden surprises
  • Knowledgeable, friendly and background-checked technicians
  • On-time appointment arrival because we know your time is valuable
  • Clean and efficient service that never leaves a mess in your home
  • Convenient scheduling that is done on your schedule, not on ours!
  • Same-day service because we know a sewer or drain backup can’t wait
  • 24/7 emergency sewer & drain services for those unexpected backups
  • Experienced technicians. Many of them have been with us for over 20 years!
  • A friendly office staff that is always ready to quickly set your appointment
  • Technicians who arrive equipped with a complete history of past work performed at your home
  • Exceptional service from a highly rated, customer-focused company. Over 2,200 positive online reviews and counting!
  • Notification text and email alerts for important events like booking confirmations and technician arrival times. We even send you a photo of your technician so you know exactly who will arrive at your front door!

Picote Brush Coating

Reid & Pederson Drainage is a certified installer of the Picote Brush Coating System. Certain types of piping can be repaired or replaced by coating them with this latest technology. This coating provides a number of features to your sewer line pipes, including making them damp-proof, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant. When you reach out to us for sewer lining, we’ll let you know if your system is a good candidate for the Picote Brush Coating System.

Crete Sewer Lining Specialists

When you need sewer lining in Crete, IL or the surrounding area, reach out to the sewer experts at Reid & Pederson Drainage. We’ll send an experienced technician over as soon as we can and get to work right away!

Crete Sewer Lining FAQ

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