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Frequently Asked Questions

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Company & Sewer FAQ

Does Reid & Pederson Drainage offer Emergency Services or Weekend Services?

Yes, Reid & Pederson offers both weekend and emergency services for your emergency drain and sewer service needs.

Does Reid & Pederson Drainage offer Financing Options?

Yes, Reid & Pederson offers a variety of financing options to help you get the drain and sewer services you need.

Does Reid & Pederson Drainage offer any Membership Plans?

Yes, we do! With Reid & Pederson’s maintenance plan, you can make sure your home in Crete, IL or the surrounding area is protected all year long.

Is it possible to install a liner through an existing stack or cleanout?

Yes, the liner can easily be installed through a four inch stack or an already existing outside cleanout.

Can a sewer that has a 90 degree bend be lined?

Yes it can.  The materials that are used are flexible enough to negotiate 90 degree bend making a smooth fit throughout the elbow.

Can a pipe with holes or that has missing pieces still be lined without digging?

Yes, even pipes with large holes or voids can be lined without having to dig.

Is it possible to just perform a spot repair anywhere in the sewer?

Yes, one of the major advantages of using Reid & Pederson Drainage is our ability to tailor a repair to each specific job.  We can make repairs anywhere in your sewer – from one foot to the entire length.

Does sewer lining have to meet any certain standards?

Yes. All the lining products we use meet or exceed all ASTM standards for pipe lining

What is the life expectancy of the sewer liner?

The manufacturer has designed the product with a 50 year design life.

What types of pipes can be lined?

Most any type of pipe can be lined – including clay, cast iron, PVC, ductile iron and concrete.

How long can I expect to be without service during the installation process?

Customers are able to use their facilities until just before the liner is installed in the sewer line.  The installation and curing process typically takes between 3-4 hours.  Once the curing process is complete and the installation is verified by our cameras, the homeowner is able to immediately use their facilities.

Most residential sewers in my area start out as 4” cast iron and transition to 6” clay.  Is this possible to line?

Our lining system and materials allow us to make a seamless transition between the 4” and 6” connection without any additional set-ups.

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