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At Reid & Pederson, we have worked with homeowners just like you all over Park Forest, IL. We know how stressful it can be to find out that you need to have your sewers or your drains cleaned. In fact, sometimes it can be hard to live your life normally without these parts of your home at full functionality.

When you find out what you need drain or sewer service in Park Forest, IL, contact us at Reid & Pederson right away. We’ll make sure that you and your family have the flowing drains you need to thrive and to be able to focus on the things you love the most.

Our Park Forest Drain & Sewer Services

Emergency Drain & Sewer Services

Emergencies don’t wait for convenient times. That’s why Reid & Pederson Drainage offers 24/7 emergency services in Park Forest, IL. No matter the time, day or night, we’re here to address your sewer and drain issues quickly. If parts are needed outside regular hours, we’ll stabilize your system and schedule a follow-up as soon as possible.

Sewer Line Inspections

Uncertain what’s happening inside your sewer line? Our sewer line video inspection services provide a clear view inside your pipes. We use a camera to pinpoint issues and their severity, allowing us to devise a swift solution.

Drain Cleaning

We’ll get your drain cleaned no matter what it takes. Our drain cleaning in Park Forest, IL is performed using heavy-duty cleaning machines that quickly find your clog, break it up and flush it down your line. All of our Park Forest drain service technicians are equipped with these machines. Before you know it, your drains will be flowing freely once again. Your drain expert from Reid & Pederson will get your drain cleaning done ASAP.

Sewer Rodding

No matter what has gotten into your sewer and is causing problems, we’ll get it out. Our experienced Park Forest sewer service technicians have the knowledge and equipment to quickly diagnose your problem and then get to work on your Park Forest sewer rodding. Our sewer rodding is quick and effective so you’ll be back to your regular schedule in no time!


Hydro-jetting in Park Forest, IL, is an effective way to clean pipes that have heavy buildup on them, such as scale, grease or other mineral deposits. Over time, pipes age so hydro-jetting is one way to thoroughly clean pipes without damaging them. Hydro-jetting involves sending a steady stream of high-pressured water through the pipes so it loosens, breaks down and blasts away even the toughest clogs. Ideal for commercial settings, hydro-jetting will have your old pipes sparkling clean once we are done with them!  If hydro-jetting in Park Forest, IL is right for you, give us a call today!

Sewer Repair

Needing sewer line repair in Park Forest, IL doesn’t have to be stressful. If you’re suffering from repeated sewer backups in Park Forest, IL, our professionals can diagnose your problems and provide you with the best sewer repair method for solving them for good. Our expert Park Forest sewer service team provides quality results that corrects broken sewer pipe or collapsed sewer pipe that has deteriorated over the years in your Park Forest home or business.

Preventative Sewer Maintenance

Reid & Pederson Drainage offers comprehensive preventative sewer maintenance to keep your system running smoothly. Contact us to learn more about how these services can protect your home’s plumbing infrastructure.

Sewer Lining

Reid & Pederson Drainage is proud to offer sewer lining, a no-dig technology that repairs minor cracks and breaks in your sewer line right from the access hatch in your home or yard. This trenchless method means we can fix your pipes quickly without disturbing your landscape.

Sewer Locating

If you’re planning home renovations, need sewer repair, or simply want to know where your sewer line is, our sewer locating services are here to assist. We’ll accurately identify the location of your line, helping you plan effectively and avoid potential disruptions.

Sump Pumps & Ejector Pumps

Protect your home from water damage with our reliable sump pump and ejector pump services. If you’re experiencing issues or need installation, our team is ready to respond quickly to resolve any problems and ensure your pumps are operating efficiently.

Garbage Disposal Installation

Need a new garbage disposal? Reid & Pederson Drainage can help you select and install the perfect unit for your needs, ensuring it’s the right size and power for your home. We handle the installation promptly, so you don’t have to worry.

Recent Project: Park Forest Sewer Inspection for New Homebuyer

park forest sewer inspection before buying a home

We received a call from a customer in Park Forest who was in the process of buying a home and wanted to have the sewer televised. During the inspection, our technician noted that the pipe going in looked good but the cast to clay connection going out to the main showed bad cracks and big offsets.

Once the televising was complete, our technician recommended that the sewer be lined to correct the problems with the pipe.

On the day of the repair, our team lined the sewer 40 feet from the 6” cleanout in the front yard to the city main, starting in 6” clay near the cleanout and ending in 6” clay just before the city main. The result was a free flowing sewer for the new homeowner designed to last for many years to come.

Park Forest Sewer Service & Drain Service Experts

Stop worrying about your sewer and drains in Park Forest, IL and get in touch with us at Reid & Pederson today. We’ll get your clog out fast and make sure everything flows as it was designed to before we leave. Before long, your home will be back to normal, so contact us to make your appointment for Park Forest sewer service or drain service today!

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