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Are you dealing with sewer problems, slow drains, and sluggish pipes? If you want to take control of your plumbing but don’t want to deal with the negative impact on the environment, sewer lining in Crete, IL can help. Our Crete sewer and drain specialists offer an eco-friendly and efficient way to fix the root of the problem.

We also put together a round-up of how sewer lining is a more environmentally-friendly choice to getting your sewer system back on track.

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Get Minimal Landscape Disruption

When you choose modern sewer lining and sewer repair in Crete, you significantly reduce the disruption on your landscape and property. It starts with an innovative camera inspection and requires small access points to repair existing pipes. Traditional sewer repair methods usually require excavation and disrupt your landscape, garden, and local ecosystems.

Reduced Environmental Impact

When you repair an existing pipe instead of replacing it altogether, you conserve the need to use new manufactured pipes. It also conserves the resources put into excavating and repairing your landscaping, driveway, and other areas of your property. While traditional methods demand everything from higher labor to manufacturing costs, modern sewer lining offers a more eco-friendly, cost-effective choice.

Increased Longevity and Durability

The resin and other sewer lining materials used for modern sewer lining are built to last for decades. Although there is an upfront investment, you’ll experience fewer cracks, root intrusion, damage, and repairs. The process of repairing and fortifying your pipes also prevent soil contamination, which also negatively impacts the environment.

Soil and Water Contamination Prevention

Sewer lining in Crete could mean the difference between healthy, safe soil and water and contamination. Instead of growing a sustainable garden or fruit trees, a leaky sewer or pipes could compromise your soil and water quality. Choosing sewer lining minimizes the environmental disruption on the natural resources on your property and could protect your health in the long-run.

Efficient Water Use

Are you struggling with the efficiency of your water? Noticing unusual spikes in your water bill or frustrated your drains are moving slowly or backing up? Sewer lining is a smooth and efficient process that can help increase your overall water efficiency. You waste less water and are choosing a far more eco friendly option that turning to chemical drain cleaners.

Overall Waste Reduction

Homeowners often don’t think about how much material waste is involved in the traditional sewer repair process. Old pipes are ripped up and thrown into the garbage and landfills. Traditional methods can also impact your driveway and yard, resulting in more garbage and waste. Sewer lining helps repurpose your existing pipes to reduce the overall waste and avoid the negative environmental impact.

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If you need help with your drains or sewers but don’t want to disrupt your environment, sewer lining can help. The team at Reid & Pederson offers eco-friendly, long-lasting sewer repairs that minimize your environmental disruption.

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