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clogged & broken sewer line

Solutions for Even the Most Stubborn Sewer Issues

While annual sewer rodding is an effective way to keep sewer problems away year-round, there areinstances where more powerful solutions are necessary. When pipes become too infiltrated with rootsor when cast iron pipes have become severely deteriorated, Reid & Pederson is ready with additionalservices to make sure you never have to worry about your sewer! … [Read More]

barnes pump

The Difference Between Sump Pumps & Ejector Pumps

If your home has a basement, there’s a pretty good chance it contains a sump pump (or two) and/or an ejector pump. Both of these types of pumps are important components of your home that keep water out of your basement and keep it dry. Although they both work in similar ways, there are differences … [Read More]

The Effects of Sewage & Wastewater Pollution

When you think of water pollution, the first thing that may come to mind is industrial contaminants. But did you know that municipal wastewater effluents are also a large source of contamination? While treatment plants work to remove these contaminants from our water and make it safe for humans and wildlife, concentrations can still sometimes … [Read More]

man using plunger to unclog toilet

6 Things You Should Never Flush Down the Toilet

You may not think twice about flushing that pair of contact lenses or those “flushable” wipes down your toilet. But did you know that repeated flushing of these items and other commonly used household items can lead to clogs or cause disruptions in wastewater treatment systems? The sewer and drain cleaning pros at Reid & … [Read More]

house for sale

Buying a Home? Don’t Forget the Sewer Inspection!

Congratulations! Your offer on a new home was just accepted! Although this is an exciting step in the home buying process, it’s only the first one. Smart home buyers wouldn’t think of closing on their new home without having a general home inspection performed first. But just what does the inspector look at and look … [Read More]

water spouts on wall and floor in basement

Does Your Home Have a Drainage Problem?

If you look out your window and see a lake but you don’t own any lakefront property, you could have a drainage problem at your home. While it may seem harmless to see pools of water in your landscape, it’s important to know what is happening underground and how water can affect the safety and … [Read More]

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