How to Prevent Common Winter Sewer & Drain Problems

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During the colder months, some drain and sewer issues tend to pop more frequently than others, or at least more than they did in the warmer months. And here at Reid & Pederson Drainage, we’ve seen and dealt with them all! As such, we’ve put together a list of four of those issues along with how you can solve them, or avoid them altogether.

Read on to learn more, or simply reach out to our Crete drain and sewer experts with any questions you may have or if you need to book drain or sewer service in Crete, IL, or the surrounding area!

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1) Clogged Kitchen Drains

Increased cooking during the holidays and more time at home during the cold winter months means more items going down your kitchen sink that probably shouldn’t be. Never put grease down your kitchen sink, as cold winter weather can cause it to quickly harden and cause a clog. Be wary of what you put down your disposal as well, making sure items such as bones, fibrous skins or noodles do not go down it. Read our comprehensive guide of things to never put down your drains here!

2) Frozen Sump Pit & Discharge Lines

Winter brings freezing temperatures which can cause the discharge lines of your sump pump to freeze. Regularly checking your sump pump, the pit and the discharge lines to ensure they are working correctly can prevent the lines from freezing. Additionally, running your sump pump above ground and away from your home during the winter months helps prevent the discharge lines from freezing.

3) Frozen Drain Lines

It is not uncommon for the pipes of common household fixtures such as your bath sink or kitchen sink to freeze in very cold winter weather, especially if their pipes face an outside wall. Opening the cabinets beneath these fixtures (if safe to do so) can allow the warmer air in your home to circulate around the pipes, preventing frozen drain lines.

4) Tree Roots Going Deeper Looking for Water

You may think that roots lie dormant in the winter months but this is certainly not the case! In fact, cold winter weather actually makes roots search harder for the water and nutrients they crave. Sewer pipes constantly carry a flow of water throughout them so what better place for the roots to go?

Long, thin feeder roots find a way into sewer pipes through cracks in the pipes and joints. Before long, the roots can grow out of control.

Here at Reid & Pederson, we can rod your sewer any time of year to ensure those pesky roots stay away – and out – of your sewer line! You can also learn more about what to do about tree roots in your sewer line here!

Help from Your Local Drain & Sewer Experts

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