5 Things to Never Put Down Your Drains

With the current global COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have found ourselves at home a lot more than usual, trying to find that perfect balance between work and family duties. But what you probably haven’t thought about is the pressure the extra time at home has put on your drains. In this article, our sewer and drain experts in Crete, IL want to remind you about what belongs down your drains – and what doesn’t!

1. Coffee Grounds

If you’re a coffee drinker, there’s no doubt the first thing you do is make yourself a cup of joe in the morning. And maybe you’re drinking more of it while at home because you also have to balance homeschool and parenting duties. Whatever your situation, remember that coffee grounds do not belong down the drain as they can slowly build up and cause clogs.

2. Eggshells

You may also be making breakfast for yourself or your family a lot more these days with the extra time at home. While these family meals are nice, remember to throw those eggshells in the trash can and not down the garbage disposal. Again, they can also cause slow buildups that lead to clogged kitchen pipes.

3. Feminine Hygiene Products

Feminine hygiene products are a necessity for females in your home but they are never safe for flushing. We can’t begin to explain the number of calls we receive where these products end up being the cause of backups. All feminine hygiene products belong in the trash. 

4. Wipes, Paper Towels & Napkins

Wipes, paper towels or napkins may seem like close alternatives to toilet paper when you’re out of it or if you have fallen victim of the Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020. But think twice before flushing them down the toilet. Like baby or “flushable” wipes, paper towels and napkins are thicker material and do not dissolve as easily as toilet paper does once flushed. If you do have to use a wipe, paper towel or napkin, make sure you discard it in the trash and not down your toilet. 

5. Paint & Household Chemicals

With extra time at home, many are taking time for home improvement projects, like painting, repairing, updating and upgrading. One thing to remember if you’re working with household chemicals or substances like paint or varnish is to never put these substances down any drain in your home for fear they could contaminate your water supply. 

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