If you’re looking to enhance your home’s worth, there’s more to do than replace the roof or touch-up its curb appeal. Investing in sewer lining in Crete or the surrounding area can make an immediate impact on the value of your home, from a higher asking price to enhanced confidence among buyers.

Here’s what to know about sewer lining and how the drain and sewer experts at Reid & Pederson can help!

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1) Prevent Future Problems In Your Home

When you invest in sewer lining in Crete, IL, you’re making an investment in the future of your plumbing and sewer system. The method helps fortify your pipes against leaks, blockages, and root intrusion that can lead to damage to your home and costly repairs. Proactively addressing future issues reduces the risk of sewer-related disasters. 

2) Increase the Lifespan of Your Sewer System

When you choose sewer lining services, the epoxy resins and materials help increase the lifespan of your sewer system. You’re also signaling to buyers that they will probably face fewer repairs and won’t have to face immediate infrastructure issues in their new home. 

3) Improves Your Overall Home Inspection Results

The home inspection process is a crucial part of the home-selling process. Buyers want  a favorable inspection, which can be enhanced by a well-maintained and recently upgraded sewer system. Buyers will see your sewer is less likely to encounter issues and speed up the home buying process and may even offer a higher price for your home. 

4) Enhance Buyer’s Confidence In Buying Your Home

When you sell your home, you want to attract a wide pool of eager buyers. But you need more than a great looking home in a reputable area. You also need a home with rock solid systems, from HVAC to plumbing. You can leverage your sewer lining as a selling point to buyers who want a reliable home that is move-in ready. The results are higher buyer’s confidence, less time on the market, and more attractive offers.

5) Minimize the Risk of Property Damage

Sewer problems can directly lead to significant property damage. From flooded basements to damaged foundation, a leaking sewer can wreak havoc on a home and lead to expensive repairs. Buyers are more likely to buy a home with a sewer in excellent condition and enjoy peace of mind.

6) Embrace an Eco-Friendly Alternative

Home buyers are more focused on eco-friendly features. But it’s not just about smart home technology. They also want to know their plumbing, systems, and overall efficiency of a home is eco-friendly. Choosing sewer lining is a more sustainable, reliable repair option that can enhance buyer’s confidence. 

7) Reduce Potential Negotiations of Sewer Issues

When sewer systems are outdated, have known issues, or complicated repairs, buyers may lose confidence. As a result, they may want to use it as a bargaining chip to negotiate the price of your home. Recently lined sewer systems makes your sale straightforward and removes the leverage buyers may have over the process.

Call Reid & Pederson for Sewer Lining Repair in Crete, IL

Does your home need sewer need repair? Are you thinking about selling your home and aren’t sure where to start fixing up your home? Call the team at Reid & Pederson for sewer lining and drainage solutions that can enhance the long-term property of your home. We offer camera inspections and sewer help with minimal disruption that focuses on getting your home back on track. Call our sewage and drainage specialists today! 

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sewer repair in crete, il

Are you dealing with sewer problems, slow drains, and sluggish pipes? If you want to take control of your plumbing but don’t want to deal with the negative impact on the environment, sewer lining in Crete, IL can help. Our Crete sewer and drain specialists offer an eco-friendly and efficient way to fix the root of the problem.

We also put together a round-up of how sewer lining is a more environmentally-friendly choice to getting your sewer system back on track.

Read on to learn more or call the team at Reid & Pederson to schedule your camera inspection today!

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Get Minimal Landscape Disruption

When you choose modern sewer lining and sewer repair in Crete, you significantly reduce the disruption on your landscape and property. It starts with an innovative camera inspection and requires small access points to repair existing pipes. Traditional sewer repair methods usually require excavation and disrupt your landscape, garden, and local ecosystems.

Reduced Environmental Impact

When you repair an existing pipe instead of replacing it altogether, you conserve the need to use new manufactured pipes. It also conserves the resources put into excavating and repairing your landscaping, driveway, and other areas of your property. While traditional methods demand everything from higher labor to manufacturing costs, modern sewer lining offers a more eco-friendly, cost-effective choice.

Increased Longevity and Durability

The resin and other sewer lining materials used for modern sewer lining are built to last for decades. Although there is an upfront investment, you’ll experience fewer cracks, root intrusion, damage, and repairs. The process of repairing and fortifying your pipes also prevent soil contamination, which also negatively impacts the environment.

Soil and Water Contamination Prevention

Sewer lining in Crete could mean the difference between healthy, safe soil and water and contamination. Instead of growing a sustainable garden or fruit trees, a leaky sewer or pipes could compromise your soil and water quality. Choosing sewer lining minimizes the environmental disruption on the natural resources on your property and could protect your health in the long-run.

Efficient Water Use

Are you struggling with the efficiency of your water? Noticing unusual spikes in your water bill or frustrated your drains are moving slowly or backing up? Sewer lining is a smooth and efficient process that can help increase your overall water efficiency. You waste less water and are choosing a far more eco friendly option that turning to chemical drain cleaners.

Overall Waste Reduction

Homeowners often don’t think about how much material waste is involved in the traditional sewer repair process. Old pipes are ripped up and thrown into the garbage and landfills. Traditional methods can also impact your driveway and yard, resulting in more garbage and waste. Sewer lining helps repurpose your existing pipes to reduce the overall waste and avoid the negative environmental impact.

Call Reid & Pederson for Eco-Friendly Sewer Repair!

If you need help with your drains or sewers but don’t want to disrupt your environment, sewer lining can help. The team at Reid & Pederson offers eco-friendly, long-lasting sewer repairs that minimize your environmental disruption.

Call us today for a better way to get your drains, plumbing and sewer system back on track!

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Do you need drain or sewer help and aren’t sure what to do next? Instead of using traditional methods that are laborious, expensive, and disruptive, turn to sewer lining in Crete, IL.

Reid & Pederson Drainage provides seamless, efficient sewer lining services that help keep your drains and plumbing healthy for the long-term. With the help of a video inspection, we’ll let you know exactly what’s going on with your sewer pipe, come up with a plan, and offer transparent pricing and communication.

Ready to take the next steps? Read on to learn more about how sewer lining benefits your home and extends the life of your plumbing system or call our Crete drain and sewer experts!

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1) Enjoy Minimal Disruption

Traditional sewer repair often comes with hidden expenses and often shocks homeowners when they realize how much digging is required to access your pipes . The results are hundreds to thousands lost in landscaping, driveways, and surface structures. Our Crete, IL sewer lining service is minimally invasive and avoids collateral damage to your property. It also reduces the risk of your plumbing system during the repair process.

2) Enhance the Durability of Your Plumbing

When you invest in a sewer lining in Crete, IL, you’re making a long-term investment in the preservation of your plumbing system. When the resin in your sewer lining process hardens, it strengthens the pipe against future wear and tear. Think of a pipe within a pipe that is resistant to corrosion, tree roots, and cracks that can impact traditional pipes.

3) Improve the Flow of Your Plumbing

Are you struggling with clogs and drainage issues? The smooth, interior surface of a sewer lining helps create a smoother interior pipe surface. It can significantly improve your waste water flow and efficiency while preventing blockages and reducing the strain on your sewer system. 

4) Resist Chemicals

Modern sewer lining in Crete, IL is resistant to chemicals, making your system less prone to issues and future repairs. The resin materials are generally more resistant to harsh chemicals that are found in sewage, industrial waste, and drain cleaners. Although sewer lining won’t prevent all damage forever, you can avoid premature cracks and tears in pipes with the help of sewer lining. 

5) Get a Long-Term, Eco-Friendly Solution

Sewer lining services are an environmentally friendly option over the traditional pipe replacement method. It directly reduces how much waste ends up in landfills and minimizes the overall negative impact of digging up your property using a traditional re-piping method. 

6) Extend the Overall Lifespan of Your Plumbing

One of the most compelling benefits of sewer lining in Crete, IL is how much it significantly extends the lifespan of your plumbing system. Depending on your situation and how well you take care of your drains and overall plumbing, sewer lining could extend the lifespan of your plumbing by decades, saving you time, money, and stress. 

Call Reid & Pederson Drainage for Sewer Lining in Crete, IL

There are endless benefits to sewer lining and they all impact the overall cost, longevity, and health of your drains and plumbing system. Ready to take the next steps? Call the drain and sewer experts at Call Reid & Pederson Drainage for a stress-free experience and upfront pricing. Schedule your appointment today! 

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If you’re dealing with sewer problems, there’s a better way than digging up your yard to get to your sewer line. Instead, you can choose a simpler, innovative solution. Reid & Pederson Drainage offers sewer lining in Crete, IL and beyond, as a long-term solution. After a video inspection, we’ll recommend whether or not you need a sewer lining repair to deal with aging pipes, root problems, and other damage. Here’s what to expect from the process and how we can help restore your sewer without the mess!

What Is Sewer Lining?

Sewer lining repairs your cracked, broken, or problematic pipes from the inside out. Instead of digging up your yard, the process seals your pipe’s inner walls from the inside. Depending on your sewer and the problem you’re having, our process typically involves inserting a liner through the sewer line from your home to the sewer trap.

Sewer Lining Benefits

1) Eliminate Frequent Backups

A damaged sewer line can cause your sewer to backup into your home. There’s nothing worse than finding wastewater in your showers, sinks, and other areas of your house. Fixing your broken sewer line quickly eliminates the headaches, expense, and stress that come with dealing with frequent backups.

2) Minimize the Disruptions

Traditional sewer repair methods are typically messy, complicated, and leave behind a big mess. They can also wreak havoc for days or weeks while trying to get your yard back in order. Our trenchless technology and sewer lining in Crete, IL minimize the disruption to your yard and your day.

3) Save Money

If you’re tired of spending money on expensive sewer repairs, we can help. Depending on the issue, our sewer lining service is often more affordable than replacing the entire sewer line. It requires less labor, time, and post-repair restoration work.

4) Prevent Issues at the Connection Site

It’s not unusual to see sewer line issues at their connection points. Sewer lining uses a straight, one-piece pipe that prevents these issues and simplifies the repair process.

5) Get Long-Lasting Results

Sewer linings are durable and have a similar lifespan to new pipes. They can last for decades and protect your property from future sewer issues. In the event you need another repair, you’ll find the process straightforward and simple with the help of our video inspection service..

6) Enjoy a Fast Turn-Around

The traditional method of excavating and digging up your sewer line is laborious and takes time. A sewer line repair is faster than the alternative and gets you back to your normal routine.

7) Stay Eco-Friendly

Trenchless sewer repair creates almost no waste at all. Instead of removing and disposing of old pipes that could be harmful to the environment, our services repipe your sewer line without the need to excavate. It works to seal your pipe’s inner walls and replace them with something more durable.

8) Preserve Your Landscaping

If you take pride in your yard, the last thing you want to do is watch someone dig it up to get to your sewer line, remove old pipes, and make messy repairs. Our sewer lining in Crete, IL, is simple, fast, and doesn’t destroy your yard in the process. You can get back to landscaping and yard work right away.

Call Reid & Pederson Drainage for for Sewer Lining Help

Don’t suffer through sewer problems on your own. Contact our specialists for cutting-edge sewer lining solutions in Crete, IL and get your home back on track. We also offer sewer cleaning and drain cleaning solutions for a stress-free experience with upfront pricing you can trust. Call Reid & Pederson Drainage today!

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cleaning gutters as part of sewer maintenance

The leaves are changing and the weather is becoming cooler, clear signals that the fall season is upon us.

While you may be busy enjoying fall festivals, pumpkins and apple cider, throw on a cozy sweatshirt and fuzzy slippers, and consider the following tips for keeping your sewer and drains in tip top shape during this colorful season.

You can also reach out to our Crete drain and sewer specialists with any questions you may have, or to schedule routine maintenance!

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1. Clear Out Tree Roots

Tree roots are always a common issue with sewer lines. This is especially true if there are lots of trees or shrubbery on your property. Fall is a great time to do preventive maintenance on your sewer line to clear out roots that find a way into your sewer pipes. Fall is also the start of the busy holiday season, which usually means more visitors to your home. Ensuring your sewer is clear now by scheduling sewer rodding if you need it will ensure your sewer and drains can handle the additional use.

2. Clean Gutters & Downspouts

Fall means falling leaves. And sometimes, these leaves get stuck in the gutters and downspouts of your home. It’s a good idea to clean all gutters and downspouts in the fall, to ensure that rainwater can flow freely away from your home to avoid potential water damage. And cleaning them now will prevent you from having to clean them later on in the winter!

3. Check Your Sump & Ejector Pumps

If your home has a basement, it’s likely equipped with a sump pump and or an ejector pump. These pumps play a crucial role in managing groundwater and wastewater. Fall is a great time to check your sump and ejector pumps and their pits for clogs in the discharge lines. Test their operation by unplugging and then plugging them back in; if they activate, they’re functioning correctly. This simple check can save you from unexpected headaches during winter storms and snow melts.

4. Use Drain Traps

A simple year-round tip that’s pretty effective is the use of traps over frequently used drains, like bathtubs and bathroom sinks. These traps catch hair and debris that can easily lead to clogged pipes and forcing you to call in a professional for drain cleaning. With more visitors to your home during the holidays, this preventive measure is invaluable in keeping your drains flowing smoothly!

5. Get Your Sewers Rodded

One last tip to prepare your sewer for the fall season? If you haven’t already, and especially if your home is surrounded by lots of trees, have your sewer rodded to clear out roots and other debris that manages to find its way into your line. And with more visitors in your home during the holidays, a sewer rodding is a good idea to be sure things will flow smoothly all season long. 

Drain & Sewer Maintenance Help From the Pros

Prepare your home for the fall season by following these essential sewer and drain maintenance tips. With a little proactive care, you can enjoy the autumn festivities without worrying about unexpected drainage problems.

But no matter what kind of sewer or drain issue you’re experiencing, or what time of year it is, Reid & Pederson is always just a phone call away! We’ll get there quickly and solve your drain or sewer problem in no time.

We also have a sewer maintenance program that will help keep your system running smoothly all year long. Give us a call for more information or whenever you need help with your drains or sewers in Crete, IL or the surrounding area!

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chemical drain cleaners

If you’re a homeowner, you’ve probably experienced a clogged drain at some point. Whether a bathtub, toilet, bathroom sink or kitchen sink, a clogged drain is an inconvenience that requires a quick fix.

Your first reaction is probably reaching for the drain cleaner under the sink or taking a quick trip to the store to purchase some.

But before you do that, consider the following facts about chemical drain cleaners and your pipes.

Have questions? Reach out to the Crete drain and sewer experts at Reid & Pederson!

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How Drain Cleaner Chemicals Work

Chemical drain cleaners come in a variety of formats but all of them work the same way. What exactly happens when you pour them down the drain? In a nutshell, the chemicals interact with your clog, causing a chemical reaction that generates heat and sends your clog into oblivion. That’s a great thing when getting rid of that stubborn clog in your bath sink but it’s not-so-great for a number of other reasons.

How Chemical Drain Cleaners Can Be Dangerous


Chemical drain cleaners are just that – chemicals – and they’re manufactured to be strong enough to cut through any clog. So while eliminating clogs is a good thing, it’s not a good thing for your pipes, especially if they’re made of PVC or older metal. Why? While these caustic chemicals are eliminating your clog, at the same time, they’re also eating through your pipes, causing damage that eventually requires sewer line repair or replacement. 

Health Hazards

Since these types of cleaners consist of chemicals, they often create fumes that can cause breathing problems in humans. Additionally, the chemicals found in these products can cause burns to skin, face and eyes, not only to the consumer but to any technician who may be called to work on the clog.


Chemical drain cleaners are not always effective in totally clearing clogged pipes. Many times, clogs are found further down the drain so the chemicals may not fully reach and penetrate the clog. And even when they do reach the clog, they generally only clear away the part of the clog found on the bottom of the pipe – the part of the pipe the chemicals actually touch. 

Environmental Impacts

Chemical cleaners usually contain acids like hydrochloric and sulfuric acids, oxidizers like sodium hypochlorite and caustics like lye, caustic soda or sodium hydroxide. When poured down the drain, it’s only a matter of time before these chemicals can end up in groundwater and water supplies.

How to Clean a Clogged Drain Without Chemicals

So what do you do if you’re dealing with a stubborn clog? Before you reach for those chemicals, consider a simple DIY remedy first. A simple mixture of vinegar and baking soda put down your drain and allowed to sit overnight could be enough to eliminate your clog.

However, since many clogs are often found further down the line, most times professional help is necessary.  

Help from Your Local Drain & Sewer Pros

If you’re experiencing a stubborn clog that will not go away, don’t reach for those chemical. Instead, give the Crete drain cleaning experts at Reid & Pederson a call and our knowledgeable technicians will clear your clog quickly!

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