Sewer Repairs & Second Opinions

Facing an unexpected home repair? Getting a second opinion may be a good idea.

Why You Should Get A Second Opinion

You work hard for your money. You use it to provide for yourself and your family, for home improvements, vacations, savings – the list is endless. Being told you need a costly home repair should warrant the same response as if you just received a life changing diagnosis from a doctor – you’ll probably want to get a second opinion. And sometimes that second opinion can end up saving you thousands of dollars.

Here at Reid & Pederson, we receive a lot of calls from homeowners who tell us they had a televising performed by another company and were told that their sewer line is broken and must be repaired. Since a sewer repair is not a quick or inexpensive undertaking, these callers are in a panic and are searching for additional answers.

Second Opinions from Reid & Pederson

One of the first questions we ask is if they have received a copy of both their inspection video and a report detailing the problems found. The responses we receive are shocking, with most people not realizing that they should have received these and/or the company stating that they do not provide them to customers.

We also hear from several others that their televising was performed while their sewer was backed up. Let us make this clear – a sewer line CANNOT be successfully televised while it is backed up because the camera will be underwater the entire time. How is a homeowner supposed to make a decision that potentially costs them thousands of dollars without being armed with the necessary information to really make a smart and educated one?

Our Sewer Video Inspections

Without a video to share with us, our recommended next step is to send one of our service technicians to perform our own video inspection. Once completed, we email a copy of the video as well as a detailed report highlighting our recommendations for repair. Many times, what we discover is that the sewer line isn’t actually broken, it’s simply clogged with roots and debris that a simple sewer rodding will eliminate. Unfortunately, there are companies out there who rely more on making as much money as possible instead of focusing on and solving the problems faced by their customers.

Sewer Repair Experts

The moral of the story? While sometimes a sewer repair is necessary, when faced with a costly, unexpected home repair, such as a broken sewer line, it’s a good idea to consider getting a second opinion. Or better yet, just give our expert team here at Reid & Pederson a call and we will get your sewer issues corrected, honestly and fairly, the first time around.

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