How to Clear a Clogged Drain, the Right Way!

There will likely come a time when you experience slow drains in your home. While your best bet is to call a professional to remedy your problem, you may first try to remedy the problem yourself.

Many times, this means grabbing a bottle of Drano, pouring it into the drain and hoping it cheaply and quickly dissolves your clog. While chemical drain cleaners temporarily relieve your clogged drain, their use can create problems that can make your clogged drain worse.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Drain Cleaner Chemicals:

1) They’re chemicals!

The first issue with chemical cleaners is just that – they’re chemicals. Caustic, toxic, and disruptive, they’re formulated to eat away the most stubborn drain clogs. But while those chemicals may be clearing the clog, it’s also possible they’re eating away at your actual pipes! So while you may be remedying one problem, you risk creating an even bigger one that will definitely require a professional to correct.

Chemicals also create a hazardous situation for anyone working on the clog because there is a risk of chemicals splashing back and getting in eyes, mouths or on skin.

2) They don’t fully clear a clogged drain

Another issue with chemical drain cleaners is that they only settle at the bottom of your pipes, not fully reaching the full diameter of them. The result is a partially cleared pipe in the areas only where the chemicals touched the clog. And as water continues to flow through your pipes, so does the buildup and sludge that caused your clog in the first place.

3) They don’t work on all clogged drains

Lastly, these drain clog removers don’t work with all types of clogs. While they may temporarily clear your grease or hair clog, your pipes will continue to clog as long as grease and hair keep entering the drain. Chemicals are a temporary fix to a bigger problem. Furthermore, clogs caused by mineral buildup or solid objects don’t respond to chemical cleaners at all.

Trust Drain Cleaning Experts

Our professional and knowledgeable technicians at Reid & Pederson Drainage have the experience and necessary equipment to reach the clog, clean the entire diameter of the pipe and blast clogs away. If you’re experiencing clogged drains in your home in Crete, IL or the surrounding area, it’s best to reach for the phone instead of the chemicals! Learn more about our drain and sewer cleaning services or simply call us today!

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