5 Sewer Rodding Facts

Your sewer plays a very important role in your home, as it carries waste out and away from it. So when it backs up, an immediate solution is necessary. Sewer rodding is the most effective way to clear blockages in your sewer line that happen due to tree roots or items clogging the pipes that shouldn’t enter your sewer in the first place.

Read on to learn some facts about the process and why it is the most effective way to clean a sewer line.

Fact #1: It Uses Specialized Equipment

Sewer rodding involves specialized equipment designed specifically for the effective cleaning of sewer lines. The flexible sewer rods are not found at typical hardware stores, instead they are specially designed to work with specialized sewer rodding machines.

Fact #2: It’s Extremely Effective

Sewer rodding is the most effective way to clean a sewer line because the rods work on any and all kinds of blockages including tree roots, feminine hygiene products, heavy paper buildup or anything else flushed into the line that shouldn’t be.

Fact #3: It Works Best from an Outside Cleanout

Sewer rodding is most effective from an accessible cleanout, which is an access point to your sewer. When we rod from an outside cleanout, we are able to use the largest cutters available to ensure that all blockages are effectively removed and the sewer remains free flowing. Without an accessible cleanout, we have to rod from a pulled toilet or the roof, which doesn’t allow us to use the largest cutters and therefore, cannot be guaranteed by us. 

Fact #4: It is NOT a DIY Project

Sewer rodding is not a do-it-yourself method. Although sewer rodding machines can be rented, rodding involves specialized equipment and skills. It should only be done by trained professionals (like us!) and attempting to do-it-yourself could create more harm than good.

Fact #5: It’s Dirty Work

Sewer rodding is dirty work, but someone has to do it! If you’re looking for a remedy to your backup or clogged drains, leave that dirty work to us! Our technicians are trained, skilled and knowledgeable at identifying problems, clearing them and recommending things to do to prevent further backups and clogs.

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