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For most people, using the bathroom is something we take for granted. When nature calls, we use the bathroom. Plain and simple. At Reid & Pederson, we are no strangers to toilets. We install and unclog them daily. Below are some fun – and not so fun – facts about toilets that you may not know!

1. The first flushing toilet can be attributed to Englishman Alexander Cumming, who secured the patent for one in 1775

2. In public restrooms, the first toilet stall is the least used – which usually means it’s also the cleanest!

3. The average person spends three years of their life simply sitting on the toilet! This number has surely gone up over the years due to increased dependence on cell phones and other mobile devices.

4. The average person uses the restroom about 2,500 times a year!

5. Over or under? About 75% of Americans place the toilet paper on the holder so the flap rolls over the top, rather than rolling around the back. Maybe this statistic will settle this age old debate!

6. More than 7 million Americans have accidentally dropped their cell phone in a toilet.

7. The first company to use a roll for toilet paper was the Scot Paper Company in 1890.

8. The amount of time spent on the toilet is directly proportional to the number of apps/games the user has on his or her smartphone.

9. King George II of England died in 1760 because he fell off his toilet.

10. Around the world, a toilet or bathroom is known by several different names including water closet, latrine, john, throne room, powder room, lavatory, loo, can or bog!

11. The average American mother tells her family she will be “in the bathroom” at least ten times a week. Not necessarily going to the bathroom but simply trying to get five minutes to herself. (This is a completely unofficial statistic and based solely on the authors’ own experience).

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