Sewer Rodding vs. Hydro-jetting: What’s the Difference, Anyway?

When you experience a blocked drain or sewer, your first plan of attack to clear it may be to snake the drain yourself. While snaking may appear to clear your problem, did you know that it’s really only a temporary solution to it? Why, you ask? Snaking basically just cuts a hole through your clog, temporarily allowing water to flow through the pipe once again. But is also allows all of the buildup and gunk that caused your clog in the first place to just move further down the pipe. Read on or call Reid & Pederson for help with your drains or sewers today!

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How to Clear A Clogged Drain

Rodding and hydro-jetting are the two most common ways to clear a blocked sewer or drain. You have probably heard both terms before but do you know the difference between the two of them? Here at Reid & Pederson, we perform both methods to keep your sewer and drains clean all the time.

Sewer Rodding

Sewer rodding involves using a machine with a thin, flexible cable that is threaded through your pipes. Attached at the end of the cable is a cleaning head, with very sharp “teeth ” that are sized to the diameter of the pipe. When the machine is turned on, the cutter blades break up the clog into tiny pieces that are then carried away down your now flowing pipes.

Rodding also scrapes the sides of your pipes, cleaning them of sludge that may be stuck to them. We like to use 4-inch cutter heads to ensure we sweep away all tree roots and debris in order to keep your sewer freely flowing all the time. In most instances, rodding is the main method we use in most residential jobs.


Hydro-jetting utilizes a high-pressure stream of water to blast away extremely stubborn clogs and very heavy buildup on pipes. We utilize this method on many commercial jobs, especially restaurant drain lines because it is very effective on pipes with heavy grease buildup inside them. Hydro-jetting blasts away clogs, thoroughly cleans pipes and it does not damage your pipes either.

Sewer Rodding & Hydro-jetting Experts

Both rodding and jetting are effective methods of clearing out blocked sewer and drain pipes. Let our service pros diagnose your problem and determine the best method for keeping your pipes constantly clear and flowing. Schedule your appointment today!

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