Solutions for Even the Most Stubborn Sewer Issues

clogged and broken sewer line in crete, il

While annual sewer rodding is an effective way to keep sewer problems away year-round, there are
instances where more powerful solutions are necessary. When pipes become too infiltrated with roots
or when cast iron pipes have become severely deteriorated, Reid & Pederson is ready with additional
services to make sure you never have to worry about your sewer!

Continue reading to learn more about our sewer services in Crete, IL and beyond or simply call our sewer pros today!

South Suburbs
NW Indiana

Precision Cleaning

Our precision cleaning method eliminates stubborn roots not eliminated with regular annual rodding. Using a special head equipped with chains and a camera, the chains move through the pipes to find all areas of heavy root growth. At these areas, our machine is turned on, rapidly spinning the chains and blasting roots away. The result is a thorough “wall to wall” cleaning of the entire diameter of the pipe, with no damage done to pipes.

Inversion Lining

Reid & Pederson offers inversion sewer lining that provides a long-term solution to broken or collapsed sewer pipes caused by age or root intrusion. By saturating a liner with hardening resin material then inserting it into a drum, the liner turns inside-out when it is installed into the pipe, creating brand new pipes in place of the old ones.

Epoxy Coating

Our epoxy spray coating is ideal for cast iron pipes that have become heavily deteriorated and scaled over many years. Once the line is descaled, we spray the epoxy resin throughout the pipe, creating smooth, new pipes.

Sewer Repair Pros

For even the worst sewer problems, Reid & Pederson stands ready with sewer repair solutions to correct them and ensure your sewer and drains are always freely flowing. Reach out to us today!

South Suburbs
NW Indiana

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