5 Benefits of a Home Sewer Line Video Inspection

When it comes to the plumbing system in your home, there are a number of new and great innovations in the field that can help to make sure your plumbing work is carried out more accurately and more efficiently. One of these great new methods is professional video drain inspections. With so much of your home’s plumbing system hidden from view, it can often be extremely difficult to reach without significant modification and troubleshooting. With video drain inspections, our waterproof video camera can go almost anywhere, giving your home an incredibly thorough plumbing video inspection without having to take apart your fixtures and pipes. Our drain cleaning company has put together a shortlist of some of the benefits of taking advantage of this excellent service.

1) Speed

When you are looking for solutions to your plumbing issues fast, a video drain inspection is the way to go. Before these kinds of cameras were readily available, the go-to approach among plumber was the wait-and-see approach, where you would have to wait and see if the repairs that were performed were actually effective. If those repairs didn’t work, then the plumber would move on to the next solution in line and see if that would solve the problem. By utilizing a camera, a plumber is able to directly identify any issues with certainty so you can get the repairs that you actually need.

2) Accuracy

If you ever have any questions about the condition of your home’s plumbing system or a home you are looking to purchase, a video drain inspection can be a great way to get an accurate snapshot of exactly what kind of condition the system is in without the need for major modifications. Not only is this method of inspection incredibly accurate, but as stated above, it can also be done extremely quickly, so no more waiting around.

3) Safety

With video drain inspections, there is no need to cut into your walls, take apart your fixtures, or dig around to examine your indoor plumbing. Utilizing a camera is actually one of the most non-invasive methods that exists on the market today. With video drain inspections, you can get absolute certainty in your diagnosis without having to destroy your bathroom or kitchen to do so.

4) Prevention

When it comes to identifying problems with your plumbing, it is far better to catch problems early as opposed to waiting for a leak, flood, or other plumbing catastrophe to occur. With a video drain inspection, you can effectively identify issues before they are able to spiral out of control and devolve into something worse. This is especially true for your indoor piping system which can be extremely difficult to see and examine without the use of a camera.

5) Savings

When you think about the cost of your monthly water bill, you can easily imagine how much that bill has the potential to go up if your system were to spring a leak of some kind. A video drain inspection can help you avoid this kind of situation by identifying these kinds of problems before they have a chance to leak hundreds of gallons of water into the foundation of your property.

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