What Causes A Slow Flushing Toilet?

slow flushing toilet

Your toilet provides a very necessary function for occupants in your home. So when it begins to give you problems, it’s not a good idea to take a “wait and see” approach. Slow draining and slow flushing toilets reduce the effectiveness of your toilet and over time, that slow-down can turn into a clog…or something worse.

What causes a slow flushing toilet and what does it mean if it’s happening to you? Here, we explore a few of those causes and provide a few tips on how to fix a slow flushing toilet.

Low Water Level in the Toilet Tank?

One of the first things you can check is the water level in the toilet tank. The water inside the tank should be about a half an inch from the top of the overflow tube. If this isn’t the case, raise the float arm to increase the amount of water in the tank.

What’s Being Flushed Down the Toilet?

Make sure the only things being flushed down your toilet are waste and toilet paper. Even mild clogs can hinder the effectiveness of your toilet flush, with buildup in the line or past the toilet pipe trap restricting water flow, creating a slow flushing toilet. Never flush items such as wipes, paper towels or feminine hygiene products as these items will not break down in your line and will cause a clog. And if you have small children? Consider a toilet lid lock to prevent them from flushing toy cars, crayons or anything else they can get their small hands on down the toilet!

Loose Toilet Flapper?

Check your flapper! The flapper is the rubber cup-shaped fixture found at the bottom of your toilet tank that covers the drain from the tank to the bowl. Connected to it is a lift chain that is connected to a metal arm. When you flush the toilet, the chain rises, lifting the flapper and allowing the water in your tank to drain into the bowl. If your flapper is loose, it could constantly leak water into the bowl. If the chain becomes detached, the flapper will not open properly, causing problems such as a weak flush and ultimately a slow draining and a slow flushing toilet. Although annoying, a flapper issue can often be corrected without the help of a professional.

Hard Water?

If your home has hard water, buildup of minerals under the rim of the toilet and within the toilet pipes can cause slow flushing. Continued buildup can slowly decrease the diameter of pipes and thus, the flow of water through them. Buildup under the rim can also restrict water flow back into the bowl when it is flushed, causing a lower water level and therefore, a slow flushing toilet.

Toilet & Drain Line Pros

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