A Lesson on What NOT to Flush!

out of order toilet sign

We received an emergency call from a homeowner in University Park who had two toilets that were not flushing in their home. Both toilets were backed up and in turn, the customer was unable to use them.  Our technician quickly arrived and augered both toilets several times each. He eventually discovered that both toilets were blocked with feminine hygiene products that had been flushed down the toilets. After flushing both toilets several times after auguering, our technician ensured that both were working properly and could be once again used. 

Feminine hygiene products do not break down in sewer lines and the more they are flushed, the closer you become to a clog. At Reid & Pederson, we strongly recommend not flushing anything other than the 3Ps down the toilet. We also recommend using a nice mid-weight toilet paper instead of the thicker, softer kind. Doing these things will ensure you never have to make an after-hours call to our office for help!

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