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sewer repair & drain cleaning mokena, il

Here at Reid & Pederson Drainage, we are experts in providing professional sewer and drain cleaning services in Mokena, IL as well as performing any repairs to those systems at homes and businesses. From simple fixes to complicated problems, you can count on our skilled sewer and drain contractors for anything.

Reach out to us when you need cleaning or repairs for the drains or sewer at your Mokena property.

Mokena Drain Cleaning Services

When your drains start backing up and you suspect there’s a clog or blockage, contact the experts at Reid & Pederson for drain cleaning services in Mokena, IL. We have a staff of drain cleaning experts who are dedicated to providing a quick response and getting things flowing normally again in no time. Our drain and sewer experts have all the specialized tools and equipment to perform a comprehensive drain rodding to remove any blockage.

Sewer Rodding

The sewer line is one the most important components of a home because it carries waste out of the home and out to the main city sewer. You want to make sure to have any issues involving it addressed by an expert right away so that the problem doesn’t get any worse or lead to damage. Our experts for sewer rodding in Mokena, IL can come out and get any blockages blasted away before they lead to a catastrophic mess.


Hydro-jetting involves sending a powerful stream of high pressured water through pipes to thoroughly clean them out. This method is used to cut roots, dissolve clogs of all consistencies, and get rid of grease, soaps, and dirt that is stuck and has built up on the inside of the piping. Hydro-jetting in Mokena, IL is recommended for pipes with heavy scale and buildup, such as pipes in a restaurant that have grease built up inside them.

Sewer Repair Professionals

If you need sewer repair services in Mokena, turn to our team. Our professionals will come to your aid if your sewer line is damaged and needs to be repaired. We will get things repaired quickly so that your sewer line no longer compromised and so that you are no longer inconvenienced at your home or business.

Trusted Drain & Sewer Experts in Mokena

The professionals at Reid & Pederson Drainage can come out to help with anything involving drains or sewers in Mokena. Our company has over three decades in business providing top-notch solutions to both homeowners and business owners in the area. We work hard to completely restore your drains and sewers after cleaning or repairing them, and will test our work afterward to make sure we are leaving you with a free flowing system you can rely on. Contact us today!

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