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Drain Cleaning & Sewer Services in Olympia Fields, IL

When you need help with your sewers and drains in Olympia Fields, IL, call the experts at Reid & Pederson. As soon as you call, we’ll get you an appointment with one of our sewer experts. Before long, we’ll have the problem identified and the best possible solution in place. You’ll get the cleanout you need with a minimal amount of hassle.

Sewer Cleaning

When it comes to sewer cleaning in Olympia Fields, IL, we’ll make sure we identify your clog, determine its location, then figure out how to get it out. We’ll start by sending a camera down your sewer line. This allows us to see your sewer from every angle. It lets us see your clog and determine exactly where it is. The camera contains a digital locator device that we can find from above ground. All of this information helps us determine the best method for your sewer cleaning in Olympia Fields, IL.


For most clogs, we’ll use hydro-jetting in Olympia Fields, IL to get rid of your clog. This process involves shooting a highly-concentrated stream of water into your sewer line. It can break up anything from grease clogs to tree roots and more. We can also use it to spray off the sides of your sewer line so that it is free from grease and sludge that may cause more clogs in the future. When we’re done with your hydro-jetting in Olympia Fields, IL, your pipes will look like they are brand new!

Drain Cleaning

We’ll also take on all of your needs pertaining to drain cleaning in Olympia Fields, IL. We’ll make sure we find your clog and use the most efficient, least invasive methods possible to get it cleaned out. Most of the time, we can clear your clog fast with a plumbing snake. Our plumbers drive trucks that come equipped with these so they can take care of your clog right away. The plumber will thread the snake into your drain and use it to either break up your clog or pull it out. After that, your water should flow freely once again.

At Reid & Pederson, we’ll make sure that all of your sewer and drain needs in Valparaiso are taken care of quickly and efficiently. Start the process now by calling our friendly schedulers and getting an appointment with one of our sewer experts. We hope to help you soon!

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