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Drain Cleaning & Sewer Services in Steger, IL

Are you tired of dealing with sewer problems? Do you wish that you could just get that drain cleaned out once and for all? If this sounds like your life, contact us at Reid & Pederson right away. We’ll get an experienced drain and sewer technician out to your home fast to figure out what needs to be done to remove your clog, then to do it quickly and efficiently.

Our goal is to get your home back to normal as soon as we can. We know that you need your sewer cleaning or drain cleaning in Steger, IL completed fast and we will do our best to make that happen for you. Before you know it, your clog will have disappeared and everything will flow like normal again.

Drain Cleaning

drain and sewer cleaning steger, il

We’ll assess each drain that you need to have cleaned, but we find that the professional-grade plumbing snake is a great tool for drain cleaning in Steger, IL. Each of our experts carries one of these on his or her truck, so they are readily accessible and our technicians have a lot of experience using them.

We’ll thread this flexible metal cable down through your drain. When it gets to the clog, we’ll either pull it out or disintegrate it until your water can flow freely again. We’ll test that repair before we leave and invite you to test it, too. That way, we can all know for sure when your home is working the way you need it to once again.

Sewer Cleaning

If you suspect that you need sewer cleaning in Steger, IL, contact Reid & Pederson right away. Our technicians are sewer experts and we’ll get one to your door fast because we know that sewer problems can’t wait.

We’ll take a look down your sewer line by passing a camera on a flexible cable down its entire length. This tells us what your clog is made of, how big it is, and where it is located in your pipe. All of this is important information for devising a way to clean out your sewer.

Most of the time, we choose trenchless sewer repair methods for sewer cleaning in Steger, IL. This allows us to fix your sewer without having to dig anything up. It also makes the process faster, cheaper, and easier for you because you won’t have to replace your front yard when we are done!


Hydro-jetting in Steger, IL is one of the most common trenchless sewer repair methods. We’ll shoot a highly, highly-concentrated stream of water down through your line. This will break up any clogs that are there, including things like tree roots.

Once the clog is broken up, we’ll test your line before we leave to make sure it’s working normally again. We may even send the camera back down so we can see for sure!

Call us at Reid & Pederson for hydro-jetting in Steger, IL, or for any other drain or sewer repair you might need. Make your appointment today!

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