A Sewer Repair in Harvey, IL that Avoided Disaster

A property owner in Harvey, Illinois contacted our office because her building was experiencing a sewer backup. Our technicians arrived and began rodding from the basement. Within minutes, they hit a blockage in the overhead pipes at the back of the building that no matter how hard they tried, they could not get past. When they pulled their cables back, they were shocked to find a tracer wire connected to the gas line at the end of it.

Recognizing a potentially dangerous situation, they sent a camera down the line. What they found was a cross bore, which is a gas line running directly through the sewer line. A disastrous situation could have occurred if our equipment cut through the gas line during rodding. This would have released natural gas into the sewer system, causing the potential for a life-threatening situation. 

Reid & Pederson called the gas company and completed the sewer repair right away, replacing four feet of clay pipe with PVC and installing an outside cleanout for easy and safe access to the sewer line in the future. The property manager, previously unaware of the situation, was thankful and relieved we quickly corrected the problem.

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