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flooded living room

Why Did My Basement Flood with Sewage?

Having a basement is a great thing as it provides extra living and storage space in your home. Being the lowest point in your home, basements are usually entirely or partially underground though, meaning they’re prone to flooding or other water damage. How does water enter your basement? And what are some things you can … [Read More]

garbage disposal underneath kitchen sink

Garbage Disposals & Your Kitchen Drain

A garbage disposal is a popular and convenient item to have in your kitchen. Allowing you to empty food scraps into your drain, chop them up and flush them away, it’s a good alternative to dumping uneaten food directly into your trash can. Many homes contain garbage disposals, where with just the flip of a … [Read More]

christmas wreathes

How Much Do the Twelve Days of Christmas Really Cost?

No matter how many times you’ve sung it — or found ways to avoid singing it — how well do you really know the classic Christmas carol “The Twelve Days of Christmas?” Keep reading to learn five revelations about the ubiquitous, repetitive Christmas song. 1. The “Twelve Days” don’t end on Christmas Day — they … [Read More]

flushable wipes causing sewer clog

Can You Flush Flushable Wipes?

The market for disposable wipes in the U.S. is an over $2 billion market, and is poised to reach beyond $3 billion by 2023. With the current global pandemic of coronavirus making its way to the U.S., Americans have been buying toilet paper faster than it can be produced. Because of the shortage of toilet … [Read More]

cleaning gutters as part of sewer maintenance

Fall Sewer Maintenance Tips

The leaves are changing and the weather is becoming cooler, clear signals that the Fall season is upon us. Throw on a cozy sweatshirt and fuzzy slippers and consider the following tips for keeping your sewer system in tip top shape during this colorful season. 1. Check Your Pumps If your home has a basement, … [Read More]

5 Benefits of a Home Sewer Line Video Inspection

When it comes to the plumbing system in your home, there are a number of new and great innovations in the field that can help to make sure your plumbing work is carried out more accurately and more efficiently. One of these great new methods is professional video drain inspections. With so much of your home’s … [Read More]

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