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autumn leaves on a roof

Sewer & Drain Maintenance Tips for Fall

Today is the first day of Fall! It’s officially all things cool weather, pumpkin spice and falling leaves. While you may be busy enjoying fall festivals, pumpkins and apple cider, take a few moments to consider the following tips for keeping your sewer and drains in tip top shape during this colorful season. You can … [Read More]

toilet seat and tissue paper

Fun Flushing Facts

For most people, using the bathroom is something we take for granted. When nature calls, we use the bathroom. Plain and simple. At Reid & Pederson, we are no strangers to toilets. We install and unclog them daily. Below are some fun – and not so fun – facts about toilets that you may not … [Read More]


What to Do About Tree Roots in Your Sewer Line

While trees in your backyard provide shade and privacy, their roots wreak havoc on the sewer pipes buried beneath them. Here at Reid & Pederson, our technicians find a LOT of tree roots in sewer lines. In fact, tree roots are the number one cause of sewer backups that we see. Read on to learn … [Read More]

slow draining and flushing toilet

What Causes A Slow Flushing Toilet?

Your toilet provides a very necessary function for occupants in your home. So when it begins to give you problems, it’s not a good idea to take a “wait and see” approach. Slow draining and slow flushing toilets reduce the effectiveness of your toilet and over time, that slow-down can turn into a clog…or something … [Read More]

ejector pump

All About Ejector Pumps

If you have a bathroom located in your basement, then you most likely have a basement ejector pump, too. The main purpose of basement bathroom plumbing with an ejector pump is to pump wastewater from bathroom drains out and away from your home. Read on to learn why ejector pumps are a necessary item to … [Read More]

chemical drain cleaners

The Harmful Effects of Chemical Drain Cleaners

If you’re a homeowner, you’ve probably experienced a clogged drain at some point. Whether a bathtub, toilet, bathroom sink or kitchen sink, a clogged drain is an inconvenience that requires a quick fix. Your first reaction is probably reaching for the drain cleaner under the sink or taking a quick trip to the store to … [Read More]

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